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    Jul 10, 2007, 09:53 AM
    How long does it take 4 belly piercing to heal?
    Some people are telling me to wait 4-6 weeks to take out the belly ring and put in a new 1 and some people are saying wait 6 months so which one is it?
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    Jul 10, 2007, 10:20 AM
    If I remember correctly, I waited 6 months before I changed my piercing.

    Also, if you take it out early, make sure you put a new piercing in the hole right away because it will heal itself quickly.
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    May 24, 2012, 06:48 PM
    I pierced mine myself& the needle was too small so I let it close & then got it perfessionally done. The lady gave m indo on it bt I disnt use it. I chged my belly ring after about a month and a haff (6 weeks) & it did fine for a wile bt deering changing from the original ring to a new one, it startes to close fast and I had to repeirce through a layer of skin; it didn't hurt bt it felt as though it,was getting peirced l over agen... I have a high pain tolerance and fwlt no pain what so evr... I cleaned my piercing with alcahol and pperoxide, and changed to a dangling belly ring and eventually afyer about a month of having changed the belly ring, the hole was too big for the ring... and woudnt stay in. I had to take it out& it took about 2 months for the skin to heal bakk.. I asked the peircer amd she said shed repeirce it for free HOWEVER your not spose to use a dangly ring until after 12 weeks because the weight causes the hole to stretch a well as a tongue ringe will do to your navel. & your only spose to use SALINE solution for contacts to clean the belly button piercing, and you are spose to wate 12 weeks to change it or 3 months. I have repeirced it 3 mor times since then bt have yet to find a big enuff needle, so I have to take it out, btw; I have scarred tisue on my navel wich is why it doesn't hurt when I pierce it. & also, if you choose to pierce your belly on your own, make sure you sterilize it with alcahol, fire, then alcahol agen then scalding hot water. & make sure its big enuff and that you have a circular navel ring or a curved belly ring, don't use a tongue ring, because when you bend ovr, it will stretch the hole wich also happened to me. And it will eject. I recomnd you go to a piercer. And follow the rules they gave u.

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