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  • Mar 9, 2010, 02:15 PM
    pooja s27


    I suggest never bring money in b/w love, money ruins relationship, if it is true love then I don't think whether he pays re you pay is the question, obviously once you are married both would be sharing up responsibilities, there are things money can't buy. But again if he has and doesn't spend then its different but as you mentioned ut of you are yet to grauduate so support him and you would be happier rest of life :) good luck
  • Mar 10, 2010, 05:50 AM
    strong guy

    Originally Posted by rzpharma View Post
    that's me RZpharma

    HI RZPHARMA<<i m nicolla from france,I am 21 y/o,I wish to accept me as a friend,I want to tell you my story which I think can help you here:
    I told a cute girl that I loved her,before 2 years ago,but I didn't love her at anytime,I couldt continue in this fetch anymore<but I told her I love you because I need a girl in my life like my friends in our district,I liked her because she gave me a gifts,lent me her car,and slept with me some times> I know I am a mean guy,but that wahats happened>> ""not anyone told you i <love you> so he is"" I think your boyfriend is a mean OR a stingy guy not anything else>>and how he is responsible about his family and accept from girl to pay for him his meal? how and how? And how he is responsible about his family and haven't a few euro to pay for his meal>>> ?>>> maby he will marry you but I consider that he will marry you as a portable bank>>>sorry for saying that but that what happened with me >>> maby I'm wrong but be careful >>>>>and good luck>>>
  • Apr 29, 2010, 11:34 AM
    Dear, I experience something similar with my ex. I pay for lunch, dinner, movies, even parking. He has a job mind you, not a very rewarding one. My salary was almost 7 times over than his. I offer to pay on doctor to check on his constant pain on the back, he takes it without flinching. He pays for date perhaps only twice a year, but we do go out on date more than 100 times a year. He says he loves me, says that he can't lose me & I'm like the best girlfriend he ever found (well... I'm paying so go figures). I'm the one who should call him cause he doesn't have money to pay his phone bills, even when I chipped in for his bills, he only called like once or twice a week. He gives me birthday gift but I'm buying the cake and dinner on his and my birthday as well. One time I ask him to get some cash from my ATM, later I found that the balance left in my account is less than what should be if he withdraw the correct amount, I confront him but he swear he knows nothing. You see, he does make a sacrifice in the relationship, he pick and drop me at work, but he use my motorcycle for it and he use it to go to his work too, and I'm the one who got to pay for the gas, the oil, the tire change and other service. He borrows money,have not pay it back until now.
    There's so much other things that I have not mentioned, but the important thing is that we are wayyyy better off without those type of men. I'm happier and have more love and trust with my current boyfriend who adores and appreciates me more. So you deserve someone better too.
  • Apr 29, 2010, 11:54 AM
    Homegirl 50

    It is not a matter of him being poor or cheap. If this bothers you the problem is your continuing to do something you're not wanting to do.

    You sit down and you talk about finances, especially since you're getting married.
    Before you go out for a meal ask him if this is dutch or who's paying. If he says he has no money, you tell him yours is limited too, so perhaps we should stay in or give him a price limit.

    If you two cannot have this talk before marriage getting married is not going to make it easier.
    Let him know how you feel about this. He will either understand and you two will work things out, or he'll get mad. He'll either get over it and come to his senses or he'll stay mad and you'll know that marriage may not be the thing for you two.

    But you need to have the discussion. Communication is the key.
  • Apr 29, 2010, 05:18 PM

    Hello there! Putting things aside and hoping he might change his ways will only make things worst. I know confrontation is a hard a thing to do, specially its someone that you love. Without any communication in your relationship, it would be hard for you to have a healthy relationship. I don't know if his taking you for granted and we all won't know till you confront him about your issues. But the longer you wait the more unhappy you will become. Don't think about how your going to talk to him, just do it!

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