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  • Mar 4, 2010, 03:17 PM
    He says he's not in love with me but he doesn't want to give me up
    Ive been with my boyfriend for over 8 months and I am so in love with him but 2 days ago he says he's been having feelings that he doesn't want to be with me I kept asking him why because I couldn't understand it and he said he's not in love with me like he used to be but he still calls me and tells me he loves me but he doesn't know what he wants.I tried to stop talking to him but he kept calling me and saying he couldn't be without me which is confusing me. Should I keep talking to him nice hoping hell love me again or should I ignore him, but what if it pushes him away more?
  • Mar 4, 2010, 03:31 PM

    His feelings have changed, you know that, he's told you that. However, even though 8 months isn't a significant amount of time, it's definitely enough time to really care for someone.

    I think a lot of the time, the thought of being alone is far worse than the idea of being with someone that you're not in love with anymore.

    The breakup is still very fresh, right now all you want is for him to fall in love with you again. You need to give him space and try not to hold on to the fantasy that he'll come running back to you.

    He was honest with you, I'm sure that wasn't easy for him to tell you those things.

    He told you he doesn't want to be with you anymore, yet he keeps calling you and telling you he loves you. Tell him to man up and follow through with his words. He should have enough respect for you to not put you through this emotional rollercoastr.
  • Mar 4, 2010, 03:37 PM
    By the sounds of things you couldn't push him away as his already done that himself, its obvouis he needs to get his head AND heart clear on what he wants because it isn't him hurting its you aswel, he says he is not in love with you anymore and I know that's heart breaking and you love him but why waste anymore time on someone who doesn't want to love you back... I don't mean to sound harsh but part of you has to believe that but maybe you both could just remain friends some how, what I don't understand is if he does not love you as he says than what's with the phone calls is he just being nice or is it just all a game for him, I'm answering this question as if it was me in your shoes honestly I would ignore him and move on with my life as best as I could, worth much more than that, good luck! With whatever you decide anyway.
  • Mar 4, 2010, 04:31 PM

    Ignore him, he is mixed up and I hope time straightens him out.

    Talaniman Rule- Never let them break your heart TWICE! Didn't it hurt enough the first time?
  • Mar 4, 2010, 07:59 PM

    When they don't know what they want,you ignore them and get on with your own life.

    Stop taking his calls and move on.

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