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  • Dec 2, 2008, 04:11 AM
    Has anyone ever had a military relationship breakup?
    My girlfriend is being deployed at the end of January for Iraq. She broke up with me a month ago saying "I lost feelings for you because of my training for Iraq." I know there might be other reasons but reading up on soldiers and their deployments many soldiers do break things off when they really don't want to. I'm getting calls and text messages and can sense care and sadness in her voice. I did a lot of sole searching and I want her to be my last girlfriend. I know to be supportive and comforting in a time like this, which I am doing. I also am giving her space which she needs to sort through her feelings and emotions. My world is just spinning out of control and she really doesn't know how much this breakup and deployment is wrecking havoc on me.
  • Dec 2, 2008, 04:42 AM

    You should have known what you were getting yourself into man. Life in the armed service is hard. Espicially so on relationships. There is a lot of moving around and in some cases a chance she will never come back anyway.

    You just have to accept it and move on with your life bud. Don't wait around for her just continue living with your chin up and if things work out when she gets back then good for you. But if not be prepared for that as well to make sure you don't fall down again. Just send her off with good memories and a positive attitude.

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