Ok here's my story, I haven't heard from my girlfriend in over a week, I've text and left messages in fb and msn no word, I called her up and her cousin answer and hang up on on me. Later on I found out she was sick, I got really worried as I really don't know what is wrong with her and her family members won't tell me. So I got no choice but wait after two weeks no reply I got fed up and jump to a conclusion she was avoiding so I email her and told her I'll say away from her and then she reply by how she was waiting for me to get online and that how sorry she was but she was sick and tired of me jumping to conclusion and told me she gave up and do not contact her again. I was online never saw her online once, I was gutted to see those words of do not contact her again, I got desperate and try to add her back in fb and get her to talk to me, I pretty much got a point where I turned into a stalking her. A week later I tried contacting her again but it was futile I guess I realize it. So I stop contacting her block her fb page, and sent her a note to remove my friends request in fb as I can't remove it and I was getting an error message all the time. Its been hard I'm trying everything to forget her and stop thinking about her but I couldn't somehow thing will remind me of her. I'm so heart broken she was the first girlfriend I ever had and I really did fell in love with her. I guess I just want to know do I keep hoping she will come around or that she really doesn't want anything to do with me anymore? Should I just lick my wounds and move on. Btw this is a same sex relationship, I'm still learning and she was my first love, my heart just won't give up on our love and all my friends is telling it will better in time but I really don't know if I should follow my heart or my mind. I know its over I just can't get it through to my heart to accept it, so please help me I just want to be myself again and I've been going out with friends and keeping myself busy, am I missing something else?