I have been with my boyfriend for a year and 2 months now & at first I didn't think that things could get any better. But now I just feel like I don't want to be with him anymore. He is constantly mean and when I'm around he never makes me feel loved. Its like I'm invisible. The only time he wants to touch me is during sex. Or when he feels horny. Half the time he acts like he doesn't even want to kiss me. I feel so hurt because I know he loves me he spoils me to death money is never a factor. But I'm not feeling a lot of love emotionally. Half the time when I cry he ignores me. I don't understand it. SEX is the only time I feel like he cares. There are so many men that want to be with me and I keep turning them down because I'm in love. My boyfriend gets mad because I get a lot of attention from boys so he doesn't like me to wear skirts or shorts... lets just say my butt isn't the normal size... so he hates tight jeans and all of that. I want to move on but I'm so attatched to him I don't know what to do.