To start, I am new to this so bare with me. This might be a long story, but I am trying to cram 5 years into a paragraph.
To begin, me and my ex (lets call him G) started dating freshman year in high school. Everything was great for awhile, but then we started fighting a lot and towards the end of our junior year, he broke up with me. Immediately after he broke up with me, he started hanging out this another girl. He swore to me that they were just friends, but I did not believe me. Anyhow, after he broke up with me, I found a really close friend that I confided with and she helped me try to heal through everything.
Not long after, I started dating a new guy. Im not sure if I started dating him out of anger towards my ex hanging out with a new girl or if I actually had feelings for him. About 6 months after our break up, my ex had contacted me and wanted to try things out again. I immediately jumped for joy and we were back together. Once we got back together, everything was great, perfect you could say.
In about April of 2009, we moved in together and adopted a puppy to be called our 'daughter'. Everything seemed to be going so good and we started planning a future life for ourselves. About a couple months ago, we started fighting a lot again and our faighting is bad. When we fight, we walks out and we won't talk for at least 2 or 3 days. And most of the time, he doesn't want to talk about our problems, so that just makes me hold anger towards him.
It got to the point where we were fighting every other day and I just decided I could not deal with his immaturity any longer and I broke up with him. I feel he is immature because I would beg and beg and beg him to talk about our problems with me, but he would refuse and say there's nothing to talk about. Also, he would always walk out on me and just leave whenever we fought. I just felt like I was holding all the weight in the relationship; like I was trying everything I could to save our relationship and I felt like he was not trying at all...

It has now been 4 days since our breakup and I had given him all of his stuff back. I am hellbent on the idea of no contact, but it just seems to hard. We share a phone bill so I still have the phone he pays for every month. If I give him back the phone, he will have to pay 200 dollars to get out of the phone contract. He said he will just keep paying for it and will continue to pay for our pet's vet bills. He has also asked me many times if he can come to see our dog, but I don't feel like I am ready to see him yet. Even though I am the one who broke off the relationship, I am in so much pain and am besdies myself.
To add, he was my first love, my first everything. We spent 5 amazing years together, and to just drop him like he's nothing is hard. Any adivce and support would be greatly appreciated.

If you read this far, thank you so much for all your time and help.