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  • Jun 18, 2013, 05:10 AM
    Missing an heirloom
    Since I've found assistance here before for such odd questions, I'm going to hope someone can help me...

    I have a tin print photo album that contains pictures of several of my family members. I've been keeping it with my genealogy papers as I search for one of the family members who is pictured there, but when a friend came for a visit and I tried to show him the album, it wasn't there. (One of my cousins scanned the album several years ago, so I have all the photos on a disc and was able to show him those, but... )

    In the time since the visit, I've been trying to think about when I last saw it and what I did with it that last time I saw it, but I'm drawing a total blank. Every time I have a minor brainstorm about where it might have been tucked, it's not there, and my husband isn't helping much because he keeps hinting at things like "one of the kids might have picked it up when visiting and put it somewhere" or "maybe it was on a table and got knocked into the trash can". He thinks he's being helpful with these comments, but it just ups my anxiety, as I am now in a sincere tizzy and want to just find the album and put it with the other family heirlooms in the house...

    Since odd things have gone "missing" over the years since we've moved into this house - some located in totally odd places and others never to be seen again - I'd like some suggestions from those who work on a different level than most. Is this one of those situations like my children used to blame on "ghosts" in which I will eventually find the album - just not where anyone remembers having put it? Or should I question each member of my family separately to see if maybe someone thought it was nothing of importance and did something heinous with it?

    Looking forward to any responses - even the ones who are apt to tell me I'm a total ditz and need to thoroughly muck out my house to find it...
  • Jun 18, 2013, 10:13 AM
    It happened with me, my family pictures, two actually, gone missing. One was group photo of my great grandparents and others. I have seen long time back but now it's missing. Anycase I don't think it's ghost work in your case. If you can remember when was last you cleaned all the house or clutter. Or who cleaned it. I think you need to look entire house. I have found one old picture of my grandparents and now I kept it locked. Good luck.
  • Jun 18, 2013, 10:49 AM
    I loved the total ditz part - my laugh for the day.

    I think things which cannot be explained do happen. How/why, I don't know.

    I never say "never."

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