I recently found out that I was pregnant... (I took 2 pregnancy tests 4 days before my expected period (both positve) 1 -3 days before, and one everyday leading up (I was getting paranoid!) all came back POSITIVE (and I was sure to use different brands just to be sure).. My husband and I are ecstatic!
I went to the doctors office today (unfortunately she's on holidays so I had to see the nurse practitioner instead) when I told him all of the tests came back positive, he was very surprised, as he said it was so early on to detect... He sent me to get bloodwork as well as an ultrasound to rule out ectopic and to get a better idea of timing... I had an abdominal as well as transvaginal ultrasound... The technician saw NOTHING! I'm really worried! Is it too early to detect signs of pregnancy or could this mean there is something wrong? I was so freaked out, that on my way home, AGAIN, I bought two more tests... and once again POSITIVE... I'm due for my period today and still no sign of it! I haven't had any bleeding, have had diarrhea for the past couple of days, slight cramping (almost period or gas like... nothing major) and many pregnancy symptoms (sore, tender breasts, headaches, lower back aches... positive tests as well as missed period... )
Any thoughts? :confused: