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    Jul 10, 2010, 05:49 PM
    I have a hole in my above ground pool the water blew out part of the sand underneath
    I have a hole in my above ground pool. It blew out some of the sand underneath. Ive got big trouble don't I?

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I had a very small leak in my liner about just under the water line. Over time it created a 4inch diameter hole (rusted) in the wall. The liner is now concaveed and being sucked into the large rusty hole. Can I repair the wall bey draining the pool, drill holes in the wall and bolt a small sheet of...

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Is there a way to find a hole in a liner of a 27' round above ground pool? The water keeps draining out below the filter basket and on one side I can tell air is under the top of the liner. I've filled it twice, but it drains within a day. I don't see any water outside of the pool anywhere, Help?

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I have a leak in the liner of above ground pool. How do I find and patch it? The pool was covered all summer and I wanted to fix air pillow and see there is only few inches water left. I started to fill and saw the soil around one area was getting very wet and summe that is where the leak is. How...

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My husband whole mowing threw a rock that put a small hole in the outside of our above ground pool. It did not penetrate the lining but we are afraid it may by the jagged edge. How can we fix the hole?

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Does anyone have any ideas on what do with the sand that is left in my yard after taking down the above ground pool last fall? Thanks!

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