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  • Aug 3, 2018, 12:54 PM
    What we need to know from you to help you efficiently
    1) This is a question and answer site and the plumbing page is watched over by a number of experienced plumbers, but we are not here most of the time. We ask that you leave your question, subscribe to your question using your email (this option is found under additional options in the box below the box you typed your question in), and then check back at the plumbing page or check your email to see when your question was answered.

    2) Many questions will be answered quickly by knowledgeable people on this site and at least one plumbing "expert" will answer your question at some point within 24 hours maximum. Please respond to any questions we ask at the original thread you started.

    3) We need to know what the problem is in detail. If you want us to take time and give you a good answer please be thoughtful and take some time to explain the problem. If you leave a 3 word question, most likely, you will only get a 3 word response!

    4) A model number and the manufacturer's name brand (Kohler, Delta, American Standard, Toto, etc.) of the problem fixture or faucet works well in speeding a response. Otherwise, if possible post a picture of the problem fixture or faucet and we'll see what we can figure out.

    5) Plumbing codes vary by state, so we will advise according to the national plumbing codes, but you are best advised to confirm most of our recommendations with your local plumbing inspector.

    6) In most states, plumbing permits are required to do plumbing work, and homeowners are discouraged from attempting to do plumbing work, so consider that before starting any project.

    7) Gas work always requires a gas permit, a gas test on the work and inspection by a local gas and plumbing inspector so we strongly encourage you not to do any gas work as it can be very dangerous if you make a mistake.

    8) Water heaters look easy to install, but in most cases, they require a plumbing permit and a gas permit (if gas water heater) as well as an inspection of the entire flu/vent piping system. Water heaters are explosive vessels if not installed correctly, so again, we advise you to consider hiring a licensed plumber to do this type of job. Check out this link to see a water heater explode ( Water Heater Blast! ).

    9) If you have air conditioning and heating questions we suggest that you post your questions at the AC/Heating page on this site.

    10) Have fun and enjoy the site.

    Thanks for reading!!


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