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  • Aug 27, 2008, 11:57 PM
    New non-vented sink/vanity install drains slow
    I replaced our old "vented" vanities with Euro style non-vented sinks. I understand the vent pipe through the roof, but have not checked that... yet. I find it odd that both are draining slow. The 2nd bath I installed this vanity, I actually ran the water hose into the 1-1/2 Galv. Pipe with the balloon for about an hour without a problem. I can't image that the vent pipe would be plugged, although the house is 50 years old, but I've had both drains cleaned about a year ago.

    I called a rooter company and the technician stated that if the drain was plugged that the water would not go down,I concur from what I know.

    I noticed there was another person who had a similar issue ,but his vent pipe was capped off in the attic, mine goes through the roof, just not sure if some obstruction exist, but I have this problem on both NEW sinks.

    The 1s bath, has a pop up drain. I'm planning on removing the popup and testing if that helps. The 2nd has the flat chrome /strainer type cover with approx 15 drain holes. In the second, I can even see the water coagulate in that cover/drain plate after the water drains. In other word, it appears as the water is defying gravity and like the other gentemen stated... "possible airlock"??

    I like to see (like my other sinks) where the gravity "pulls" the water down... not seeing that in the bath basins after new sinks. The sinks before, drained somewhat slow as well, but the water did not become standing.

    Suggestions are appreciate (unless you suggest repipe or sell the house ;-)) LOL

    Tia !

  • Aug 28, 2008, 03:58 AM
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    Hi Tia...

    First, you are not only person this is happening too... seeing a lot of non-vented sinks with this issue lately!

    I would suggest that you purchase a flip top vessel sink drain assembly... see picture. These particular type vessel sink drains allow a cross section of air to mix with the water which allows for a turbulent flow and increase ability of water to flow down the drain of the non-vented sink. The grid style drains do not work nearly as well as these. They have started to sell flip top vessel sink drains at the local home depot in my area. They are also available online. You would just leave the pull up rod in place from the old pop-up assembly for looks... ;)

    One other kind I like is the push button umbrella style vessel sink drain... a little more expensive, but when water hits head of assembly it again creates that air mixing with water effect and water drains very well! See picture below and click on this link for more info.. The drain does not look like much but water flows UNDER the large rim you see (air mixes through push button hole). Great device!

    AOL Image Search results for "push button vessel sink drains"

    Stay away from all the other types!

    Let me know what you think...


  • Sep 2, 2008, 08:00 AM
    Well, I can certanly give this a try. Lots of other stuff going on so my response may take a couple weeks until I can post a conclusion/results of such a installation.

    Your suggestions appear to sound minded and good solutions, will let you know.

    Thanks Very much for your feedback/suggestions !

  • Sep 2, 2008, 08:33 AM
    *crossing fingers*...


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