I live in an upper duplex and there are two older toilets (1960's). One is fantastic with a :p strong flush. The other one is so weak and sluggish :(
As I am ill, it is quite difficult for me to bend down for any length of time. Someone mentioned that they had heard that perhaps the reason for this very weak flush is that the holes around the rim of the top of the toilet are blocked, and suggested that I should use a safety pin :eek:? And unblock each one! Could this be the solution? :rolleyes: And if yes, is there any easier way to physically do this > myself (aside from hiring a plumber!)? i.e. if I would use an old toothbrush dipped in bleach... or.. :confused:
I appreciate any better suggestions, opinions, advice on finding a way to obtain a better, stronger flush, (and if at all possible - "miraculously" using more natural products? As my son has allergies etc.)