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  • Jan 11, 2008, 04:15 PM
    Why do spirits follow me?
    ALong time ago I was messing with my kids and niece and I said ghost make the doorbell ring and it actually rang. That was at my parents house when I was about 16. Then my girlfriend and I would be in their garage with the ouija board asking for the spirits to come out and I had a big kerosen heater on us and I felt a gust of cold air on me. Then when I got married and moved into my own house I was mopping the garage floor and a big red spot would appear and then go away when dried. Then one night I was in bed and I felt something that felt like someone sat down by my feet and touched my leg. Then tonight I was doing dishes and I heard a little girls voice high pitched but couldn't really make out the words. Do you think
    They are following me? My husband thinks I'm nuts. Please help Ive lived in the house for four years and don't think anyone has died in it, there has been only about 3 previous owners and the house was built in the sixites.

  • Jan 11, 2008, 04:20 PM
    You are definitely not nuts. Things can happen like you say they did. It is not coincidence either so don't think it is. What else has happened to you in your present home? I have several resident ghosts in my home that my dog plays with regularly.
  • Jan 12, 2008, 07:47 AM
    I definitely would research the previous owners of the house you are living in. When you say you are mopping and a big red spot appears... well, to me that sounds like blood. Ofcoarse, you can't know for sure unless you know what happened there. I know of a place where a man and wife were murdered and he had on his work shirt. On the back of the shirt was the logo "PEPSI." There were hardwood floors in the house and to this day people say you cannot get this off the floor. It bothered several families so bad that they moved from the home. ((TRUE STORY)) It seems like if you replaced the flooring it would go away... what type of flooring are you mopping?? Also, maybe you are just more intune with the spiritual world. We all have the ability to use this sense, some of us just recognize it more and are stronger than others. I've heard children can see what a lot of older souls cannot. Just remember that any spirit you don't want near you, ask it to leave. Tell the spirit that it has passed and it is time for them to cross into the spirit world. More or less, give the spirit your blessing to be at peace. I believe there are spirits or ghosts that roam this earth, for whatever reason, until they are satisfied that they must go on.

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