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    Feb 16, 2014, 09:27 PM
    Evil spirit feelings
    I need to know when your being attacked, does your body shake and you cannot stop, I had an experience last summer, our ladies were going on a retreat from our church, I had a lot to pray for that week,as well as getting closer to the Lord, on our way up,my mouth started chattering as if I was cold, but wasn't, I was scared at that time, I had friends whom prayed for me, when we got there, it quit, once we settled ,had dinner, it was chapel time, once I walked into the chapel it started up again, the whole hour, it wouldn't stop. Once I walked out of the chapel it stopped. Next day I was fine, until chapel time, once I walked in it started again, when we were done, and I walked out it stopped. Later on that night,whole day I was fine, had dinner then chapel, started again, when service was over, I had friends praying over me, I was praying hard, they asked me if I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, which I shouted out yes with my arms in the air, asking the Lord to take all the worries away from me.I then felt a hugh tingle go through my body, It felt as if a hugh weight was lifted off my shoulders.. The next day before going home we had chapel one more time, at thhat time I was free from what ever was haunting me, I was able to enjoy chapel without my body shaking,and my teeth chattering.Nothing has happened since then, except for today after church, a friend and I were doing a bible study after first service, I came home, about hour later I felt my teeth starting to chat together, not too much, but my hands and arms started shaken really bad, I went to my room, fell to my knees and prayed the Lord.. after a few minutes it went away, Is this in my head like my husband said, or is there an evil spirit messing with me?
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    Feb 16, 2014, 10:36 PM
    ...or better you have a medical condition that needs to be treated...that is what I would be looking at first.
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    Feb 17, 2014, 06:27 PM
    It certainly wouldn't hurt to go to a doctor about it. Here's the issue as far as how we can accurately and responsibly respond to you. There are many demonic cases that are wrongly diagnosed as medical... and there are certainly many medical cases that are wrongly diagnosed as demonic. The medical field is legit and the spirit world is also. Sometimes discerning between the two takes a spiritually mature Christian who has dealt in spiritual warfare cases before. I'm anything but a doctor... and you probably should go see one... if nothing else but to rule it out.

    I will say this... before my salvation, I experienced things as well... especially when I would try and pray or confess Jesus Christ as Lord. I physically couldn't do it out loud and I shook. I am compassionate and understanding toward what you are going through. Personally I do think this sounds spiritual in nature and would suggest getting to know pieces of scripture where it talks about your freedom in Christ and your authority as a believer over such spirits. IF this is a spirit, there may be things in your life that you are holding onto that is giving it a right to come back. This is a good place to start searching anyway.
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    Jun 24, 2014, 08:03 AM
    I completely agree with the above experts. My husband and I both have experienced spiritual warfare and are now training ourselves through prayer and the Lord's word in order to put on his armor and help others who are dealing with spiritual warfare. I will like to add that recently God shared with me Psalms 71 and I know it is a Psalm that can very much help you if you ever feel you could be attacked. Pray this Psalm in those moments; it is his protection and deliverance from the wicked and hurt. I would consult a physician as well and explain what happens for help in the physical realm with your situation. I hope I was able to help.

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