In my house I Have experienced weird things.:confused: I STRONGLY believe in spirits and actually want to under stand better. Here are some of the weird things happening... the first thing I noticed is that my door will open even when it is firmly closed and will close when completely open NO IT IS NOT THE AC this happens daily. The next thing was one night I woke up at 2:00 AM because my dogs was startled 2 min later my name was called 3 time like they were in pain I went down stairs to see if it was my mom( I'm in middle school) IT WAS NOT! The two latest things are that I was nugged and caused me to trip while on the stairs and I tried going into my room and talking to HE/SHE/IT/DEMON but the room got so cold. I have trouble sleeping in there so I sleep in the guest room across the room but the does not feel Completely safe eather THANK YOU FOR READING THIS AND COULD MY HOUSE BE HAUNTED?? ( sorry its so long)