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    ** Old Coins and Notes Questions..
    If your question is concerning old coins or notes please post on the Collectibles board here:


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Notes Payable & Notes Receivable [ 8 Answers ]

Hi! I can't seem to understand this, I got most of answers correct but what am I doing wrong for these. Please explain and show the calculation so I can realise my mistakes. Please help me, Please. NOTES PAYABLE Date... Description... Interest Rate Jan-1... 100,00 note due in 9 months... 9%...

Frequently Asked Questions about Collecting Paper Money / Currency and Coins [ 3 Answers ]

Please see below for information, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, from our Paper Money / Currency and Coin Expert: Flying Blue Eagle - Paper Money / Currency and Coin Expert Feel free to post on the board: Just click the "Ask About Collectibles" button at the top of the page.

Discounted notes vs Interest Bearing Notes [ 2 Answers ]

Sometimes a discounted note is issued rather than an interest-bearing note. Why would a someone do this rather than the standard interest bearing note? What are the pros and cons of doing so? Who would issue a discounted note?

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