I am making a costume which will have 4 buttons numbered 1 through 4 which someone can come up to me and push (small buttons like on a desk phone) and then one of 4 different songs will play according to number one through number 4 and will have strong enough speakers to hear around me (small enough speakers to incorporate into the costume, say maybe 4 to 6 inches wide and not too deep. I have been to Best Buy, Costco, phone store, asked everyone I can and no one has any idea how to do this. They did say using my Samsung phone programed would take too long and loose all spontaneity because I would have to stop and reprogram to the next song every time which would defeat the purpose.

Would greatly appreciate some help and would this cost a lot of money or not? I am an older female and don't know much about electronics but I really want to make this work!