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  • Jul 26, 2010, 03:14 AM
    Assessing value on collectibles
    Maybe I already know the answer to this, but an expert would truly know. I am updating my renter's insurance and want to make sure that what little I have (if any) of value is properly insured.

    My main concern is a set of dishes that I received from my Dad, that was my Mom's (not that old by years, only around 1962), a collection of Willow Tree Angels, and two Betsy Wetsy dolls that I had gotten in 1956.

    I was thinking about replacement cost insurance for these items. Replacements Ltd. Has sent me a price list for the dishes and I went through that - making a list of all the pieces and what it would cost if I had to make a purchase. Was surprised at the total.

    If I specifically get an upgrade on insurance for the three main items listed above, how do I factor in price increases? Is there a certain percent to allow for inflation costs?

    Your advice is much appreciated and thank you for your help.

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