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  • Jun 2, 2015, 11:44 AM
    Ccri's can pretest!
    I recently took a can pretest to get into ccri's 12 week program for can classes. The two parts of the test consisted of a reading and comprhension test, (past no problem) and a basic health questions test. I got 8 out of 27 wrong and I was only aloud 5 wrong. I paid to register for the next test because I still have time, the classes start in July. I've been looking online for can pretest things and they are all tests on an exam you would take after you take the actual class. I've looked up basic health pretests and there is nothing I can find that are questions that were like the test that I had taken. If anyone at all has taken this class at ccri and can give me any advice or a study guide that would be great. I go to take the test again next Thursday and if I don't pass I'm not able to take it again! :(

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