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  • Jun 6, 2012, 12:19 PM
    -bash: mysql_load: command not found
    Still following my toutorial, managed to get finished step 12.

    >Step 13, now, from the Contributing to Rails Guide, you should

    $ mysql_load
    $ postgres_load
    $ mysql -u root
    Mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON activerecord_unittest.* to 'rails'@'localhost';
    Mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON activerecord_unittest2.* to 'rails'@'localhost';
    $ cd activerecord
    $ rake mysql:build_databases
    $ rake postgresql:build_databases
    >>And thatís it! we have Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, and everything needed to do some Rails development.

    My problem is when I type


    It Returns:

    -bash: msql_load: command not found

    Same with the postgres load command.

    Any Idea why this is happening?

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