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  • Feb 3, 2003, 09:30 AM
    Trouble with Windows Movie Maker
    Yes, I have a question about the newest version of Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker.

    I have created amny short videos using my Sony Digital camera, they are saved in the .mpg

    I can play them very eassily and very well with Windows Media Player.

    I recently downloaded the newest version ofWindows Movie Maker version 2.0.3312.0, I hhad
    Read an article that this was an improved version with a lot more options, and in the
    Article it stresseed that the movies you create can be played in Media Player.

    Well here is my problem. The ONLY format you can save your "projects in is.MSWMM; you have
    No other choice.

    And Media player will not play these files. I have so many precious film clips that I
    Ould string together and send to grandparents... etc, but unless they have Movie Maker ,
    They will NOT be able to play them.

    What is silly is, in the help filesit even suggests you save the file to email it, but how
    Does the other person view the movie... if it is in the MSWMM format neither Real player
    Or Media Player will it.

    How do I get around this? How can I play these files I have created... in Media
    Player... OR
    How can I create them in an either a .mpg or other viewable format?
  • Nov 23, 2004, 10:46 PM
    You can do it, buddy.
    This is lame, I can't read the question!
    Well, let's see, If I remember right you were saving only your projects as MMWMWMMWM's or whatever. You got to choose save movie. The older (and superior) version just had a button up top for this, so right when you were done you clould just click and watch.Now you have to specifically choose 'save movie' under file. I will probably save as a .wmv, but I think you can pick. . wmv's are best for media player. Once you save the movie, it will freeze and the sound will cut out, which is why I came to this forum in the first place. Good Luck!
  • Aug 31, 2010, 02:11 PM
    Well, it seems like you need to "Publish Movie" to see it as a .wma, and not only save it as a project. Try it and tell me the results.
  • Aug 31, 2010, 02:12 PM

    Originally Posted by danmaster95 View Post
    Well, it seems like you need to "Publish Movie" to see it as a .wma, and not only save it as a project. Try it and tell me the results.

    Sorry, it was .wmv, not .wma.:o
    Good Luck.:)

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