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  • Jan 13, 2019, 06:31 PM
    Forgot the name of a film
    Hey guys, if anyone can help me, thank you! I watched it multiple years ago so I forgot the name. I am pretty sure it was made in the 90s/maybe early 2000s, or even maybe 80s? (probably not but yea) . I remember at the very beginning of the film it started with a mid shot of a naked woman in the shower and blonde hair, she took a phone call and talked to a man about something (that I cannot remember) while in the shower (or while she was getting out, can't 'member) . Later on in the film I remember her in a bathroom get forced to strip down and then gets in the bath as the man who the lighting make darker, scrubs her down with I think was a sponge. I am pretty sure later in the film she was wearing a blindfold and being manipulated to do whatnot with her. At the end of the film I recall him getting caught and put in jail or something for blackmailing women to have sex with him. If anyone can help me find out the name of the film, thank you so much.

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