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    Nov 17, 2005, 09:58 PM
    80s Children's Movie query: Christmas theme
    'Kay, I've been looking for the title of this movie for a long time. I'm pretty sure it's from the 80s, but it may also be from the 70s. I watched this when I was very young, so the details are sketchy. And bear in mind that it may not even be American, although the actors speak English:

    It has a very Christmas theme to it. The song "Silent Night" (or something close to it) plays often in the background. The movie's basically about a little girl with long blonde hair, and she's wearing a long nightgown throughout the entire movie (picture the little girl they had playing in the Poltergeist movies with those pajamas she's usually wearing).

    Anyway, apparently her closet is a portal to another world that's inhabited by these friendly "monsters". Their world is covered in snow and has a bunch of decorated and undecorated Christmas trees. The girl goes into this world to help the monsters fight some bad guy. She's especially attached to one monster in particular, has a special relationship with it.

    This is what I remember. Anyone know what it is?
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    Dec 12, 2005, 02:14 AM
    I also want to know this
    I this remember this film too & would like to know title it was shown in 80's on uk TV on christmas eve. It had friendly monsters and there was something to do with christmas tree - at end you see snow outside window and little girl looking out window while silent night plays.

    Would love to know what it was called too!
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    Dec 12, 2005, 06:25 AM
    Think its called the monster's christmas
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    Dec 12, 2005, 07:20 PM
    Hey, finally someone who knows what I'm talking about! Yeah, I remember that ending, too, with the little girl looking out the window! *gets all excited*

    Thanks for giving me a clue. At least now I know I'm not alone. :D

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