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  • Nov 28, 2010, 02:14 PM
    Lost 3 friends how do I get over it?
    My first best friend died in a car acciedent, my next best friend I lost because she changed a lot, and the last one moved.I keep crying in school, at home, outside... I don't know how to get over it.I make myself feel better by listening to sad songs that relate to what I'm going through.Does anyone know how I can get over it?I feel like I can't let anyone in because I lose them.does anyone know how I feel and tell me what happen and how you made yourself feel better?Please help me :'(
  • Dec 3, 2010, 10:31 AM
    My first best friend died of an illness which name I'm not familiar with.
    My second best friend stabbed me in the back.
    My third best friend changed and stopped talking to me because he got famous.
    My fourth best friend betrayed me and together with his beloved girlfriend bullied me.
    My fifth and sixth best friends now hate each other and hate me because I denied their feelings.
    My seventh best friend ran off with my boyfriend.
    I love them all so very much, and they all left me. I'm quite a "lucky" girl huh.
    Regardless of all those things that happened, I am now still so very happy. Why? Because I LOVE MYSELF.
    Don't just go all depressed and sad and broken because of other people. What are they? You lived just fine before you met them. So even if they leave now, you can still live just fine. No, you Have to live fine. If you don't respect yourself then who's going to respect you?
    Crying isn't going help with anything. It will only hurt your eyes and make you physically exhausted. Listening to sad songs won't help either. It can only bring you bad memory and negative thoughts.
    Go out, play sports, talk to new people, break free! Look at things around you with a positive view, you will eventually get better. There are still 9 billions people out there for you to meet. Some of them may become your new best friend, lover, etc... Do not build any "wall" around your heart, it may keep away the sadness, but it will also prevent happiness. Learn to let go, let loose. Don't hold on to something too tightly.
    "Change your attitude, change your life"

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