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  • Jul 9, 2012, 11:18 AM
    February weather PA
    Have you ever walked outside and on a stormy day in February and have seen or heard snow, sleet, hail, rain, thunder, and lightning?? How can all of this occur in central PA during the month of February??
  • Jul 9, 2012, 11:33 AM
    Having spent quite some time in central PA, all I can say is that when a low pressure system comes through, be prepared for anything. With the dynamics created by the Appalachians, temperatures can vary wildly, causing precipitation to going through multiple freeze-thaw cycles before it hits the ground--hence the snow, hail, sleet, rain phenomenon. It all depends on what temperature ranges the precipitation crossed through on its way to the ground. Where I live now, in Santa Fe, you can often see that it's snowing in the atmosphere but the snow never reaches the ground because it is melted and evaporated back into the air once it hits the warmer temperatures.
    Essentially, you're experiencing a cold weather thunder storm. Just wait until you have your first Nor'easter. Add some nasty layers of ice into the freeze-thaw and you've got broken limbs off trees, power lines down, and road conditions that dictate staying home, no matter what. Hence the reason most Pennsylvanians buy the fixin's for french toast (eggs, milk, bread) whenever the accuweather says snow. You never know how many days you might be stuck inside. This is the reason PA roads are so pocked with pot holes. Snow isn't so bad. It's the freeze-thaw that gets you.

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