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  • Oct 7, 2013, 03:21 PM
    Airguide Instrument Company banjo barometer
    Recently purchased one of these in really nice condition, solid wood, everything works, very reasonable for less than $ 20.00 Why are these so cheap ? They appear to command a higher price than what they sell for. I may buy another at these prices. Is the quality less/more than Taylor, Linden, Sunbeam etc? Is there any way to tell how old it is ? I've read that if it says Airguide Instrument Company Chicago Illinois in small letters on the curved bottom of the barometer it was made after 1956. There is a single Airguide in larger letters on the face of the barometer.
    The instruments appear to be encased in glass, not plastic and nice solid wood.

    Are any of these worth more than others ? I can buy a larger approx 36 inch banjo but I don't know how much to offer and what is a fair price.

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