I was brought up in uncommunicative and unloving home. My family knew about my "issues". I tend to do bad in school, have no friends, depressed even wrote a suicide note . All dad did was take me out of school and left me at home so he went back to work. I was able to go to Charter Retreat in Decatur Alabama for a four months. I was not allowed to stay with a treatment program . Because of no treatment , I did poorly in school and could not get a job. I struggled and struggled . Things would be better if I had gotten treatment. In 2008, I wrote a email suicide note to local news station. In 2009 I was diagnosed with bipolar and ADHD. I was working in the shipping department. In November 2010 I was let go due to my illness. I was told it was due to unable to concentrate , could not stay on task and had too much time off going to the doctor. I had a roommate that was a power of attorney and took money from me. But dad ( nor any other family member) did not bother to become my guardian. He saw that I was in hospital about 5 times in a year. I had many manic attacks. I had sheriff come to house 12-14 times because of suicide threats. I was quickly approved for disability within 3 months. I had several people say I was unstable. My dad ( and rest of family) saw how I have been. They knew my condition for years but did nothing to prevent things years ago with good diagnosis and did nothing to prevent things from getting worse in last year. If I had gotten help when I needed it, then things would not be as bad now. If I had gotten help a year ago when I was unstable then I would not be as bad now. I am being penalized for having my illness. And I am being penalized for not getting proper treatment with medicines.