My husband and I have been together for a year. Two years prior to our relationship, my husband got out of a one year and a half long distance relationship with his ex-Fiance'. They were in love but things didn't really work out due to the pressure of being far away from each other, over time things got worse and she broke it off with him two weeks prior to the wedding !

I am sure he was crushed but he also moved on. I know he loves me so much; he expresses it in words and actions. But every time I ask him about his past he gets kind of upset and tells me that past is past and that choosing to be with his ex was a mistake and he regrets it and hates to be reminded of it !

My question is why am I so obsessed and Jealous that he was in love with someone before he loved me... What if he STILL loves her or loved her more, what if they were more compatible, what if they had more fun together or what if he was attracted to her more, and if it was a mistake just like he said, why did he stick around in that relationship for a year and a half? I know she was gorgeous and definitely was his type... What if what he had with her was more special that what we have now?!

I just want this feeling to go away and start living a good marriage.. I'm tired and paranoid all the time cause of this subject, I keep wondering what if...

I may sound childish but I really need some help cause this is starting to affect my marriage... btw I'm 27 and he's 32 years old, Thank You :)