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    Many users have been asking a lot of family law or immigration law questions on this section. These types of questions will be better served in another section of the forum.

    Family law questions should go here: Family Law - Ask Me Help Desk

    Family law questions involved any type of legal issue, such as age of consent, rights protected in a divorce, spousal support, etc. In most legal matters, legal counsel is suggested to ensure that all legal rights are protected.

    Immigration law questions should go here: Immigration Law - Ask Me Help Desk

    Immigration law questions include whether marrying someone will automatically give them citizenship of another country. Please note that every country has their own rules, so in most cases, it's better to consult a legal counsel familiar with those rules to ensure that all rights are protected.

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Hi,I'm an american citizen trying to get married to a canadian.well,I had a problem entering canada because of my criminal past.I have cases that's less than five years.the cases are violations not serious.the more serious crimes have been ten years ago.will I be eligible for the rehabilitation...

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Hello, I just want to find out if both my Husband and I have to be at the immigration office for him to get his green card ?

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I have a friend that is married to an US citizen, but does not yet have her green card. She is involved in an abusive marriage but does not want to get a divorce or even report the abuse in fear of losing her ability to stay in the country. What are her options? If she leaves the marriage prior to...

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