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  • Mar 1, 2009, 03:56 PM
    DSC PC 1832 programming troubles
    Hi…I am currently replacing an old DSC PC 2525 home security system with a newer PC 1832. The trouble is… I am having difficulty even getting to first base programming this unit Is there someone on board who can walk me through this?
    This is what I have: 2 new keypads.. a pk 5501 at the front door, a pk 5508 at the rear.
    2 motion detectors ( both 4 wire Bravo pir) and 4 door contact switches.
    I would prefer my system work as follows:
    Zone 1 …Front Door…30 second exit time delay 45 second enter time delay.
    Zone 2… bi pass…not used at present
    Zone 3….. Motion Detector basement…instantaneous alarm when tripped
    Zone 4... Motion Detector family room…instantaneous alarm when tripped
    Zone 5….Patio Door…. 30 second exit time delay 45 second enter time delay.
    Zone 6… Back Door…. 30 second exit time delay 45 second enter time delay.
    Zone 7… Back Garage Door... 30 second exit time delay 45 second enter time delay.
    Zone 8…bi pass…. Not used at present
    We only use this system when we are away from home , no pets, and never in use while at home.

    I have both user manual and installation guide…Any effort to help much appreciated.
  • Mar 1, 2009, 04:15 PM

    In the Manual it has a check list of things to be done, including enrolling the Key pads, the zones need to be Normally Closed Loops or End Of line resistor, select in programming.
    Don't have the manual in front of me, but there are only 2 entry delays for 2 zones, 1 exit delay, and bell timeout. Say you have 30 seconds on entry 1, 35 on entry 2, and exit delay of 40, and the bell to time out at 15, then enter 30354015# in that location.
    If this won't be monitored you need to disable communication, and Telephone monitor.
    Can you enter and exit programming mode?
    An Alpha Keypad will make programming doable. The zone or LED keypad can be confusing to decypher and program .
  • Mar 2, 2009, 12:16 PM
    All my zones are normally closed , there are no resistors in the circuit. Yes I can enter and exit programming mode. I don't recall having to enroll my keypads, will have another look at the manual and try to decipher it some more. Perhaps I should purchase an alpha key pad to try and make some sense out of what I am attempting here.
  • Mar 2, 2009, 12:49 PM

    At the start of programming, Location 000 is for the Keypad, you need to enter the Partition, then the slot. Since this sounds like for personal use, it is 1 partition.
    Key pad 1 would be Partition 1, Slot 1, 2nd keypad 2 would be partition 1 slot 2, then 2 digits for each of the 5 function buttons(chime, reset, etc). Most times they can be left at default, and don't need to be entered. Just hit # after each Keypad, at the end of the Manual it shows location 902 , I believe, which is "Enable Supervision", let it run a minute, then 903 I believe will step you through the 2 keypads, If you had a wireless receiver, expander, automation module. Or anything that connects to the Key buss, it will be seen during this time, or you need to correct till all shows connected.
    You just need to see the 2 keypads.
  • Mar 2, 2009, 12:51 PM
    I'll be back in a minute.
  • Mar 2, 2009, 01:25 PM

    You want to go to the first Keypad, enter
    * 8 C O D E(default code)to enter programming,
    Enter 000 0(Global), 1(partition 1), and 1(for slot 1), the # #.
    Go to second keypad, Enter programming mode
    (*8 CODE), then 000(for location 000) then 0, then 1 for partition, the a 2, for slot 2.
    ## to Exit.
    You could do the 902 supervision reset, wait a minute, to view what is on the bus. Should see Keypad 1 and keypad 2.
    Location 001 is a 16 digit string, 2 digits for each of the 8 zones.
    01 delay 1 zone
    02 delay 2 zone
    03 instant zone
    05 interior zone
    And 11 for a tamper zone.
    So for Program location 001 you would enter:
    Since all doors have same entry and exit, they could all be 01(entry1) you may want to make all doors entry 1, and Garage door Entry 2 with a little more exit time.
    Entering a 00 keeps you from having a jumper across unused zone input.
    The last 2 digits I added(11) is 24 hour Burglar zone, and you could use that for the siren Tamper, Most siren cans have 2 tampers installed, 1 if the door is opened, 1 if yanked from the wall.
    Change Default Installer Code(006) and Master Code from default(007).
    The only other thing I see you need to change from Default is:
    (013)#1 ON for NC loops
    (015)#7 Off for Tel Line Monitor off, and
    (380)#1 Off for communication disable
    Or you will have a trouble light
  • Mar 3, 2009, 09:56 AM

    Looks like you covered all bases for me. I am planning on getting the alpha numeric key pad on Friday. One final question.. The pir I use (zone 4) is located just above the back door keypad so when entering the door it may trip instantly. How can I get this pir to ignore my movement to allow me time to enter my access code?
  • Mar 3, 2009, 12:02 PM

    The motion will be delayed as well, as long as the door opened first.
    If the system was armed and somehow someone got into the house without going through a protected door, And goes past the motion it will be Instant.
    You just need to be still to get a green light before Arming.
    I feel the Alpha Keypd is a must, allows very easy programming without the possibility of missinterpreting as can happen decyphering the LED's, or numbers on the other keypads.
    The Alpha Keypad can be given Custom Names(Debbies room, pool room, anything)for zones.
    The Alpha Keypad I have is at the Front Door makes it easy to see detailed info and a 128 Event Log, allow different users to put in their own code. Then as you scroll through the last 128 armings disarmings, alarms troubles and the time they occurred. Could be useful to keep track of maids Time. Her disarming system with her code is when she got their, arming is when she left.
    The LED Keypad I have In my bedroom, I have a 32 LED Keypad, and can see a light from across the room easier than reading a display, you will learn which ligh for which location.
    And your other Keypad, is the Icon Keypad, This can have 4 different sounds for 4 differernt zones, You can hear which door they came in by which chime, That's in my Office and don't have to see it.
    One last thing, If you always left the back door open for a pet or any reason, or you leave your Garage door open. You can program a Motion to Chime in "Attributes"
    Normally, interior zones don't chime, it can be useful. Take care
  • Mar 20, 2012, 05:27 PM
    I have a PC 1832 board with a wireless keypad
    Zone 1-3 is used for the wireless zones and 4-8 is hard wired can you help me figure out how to run the programming
  • Mar 21, 2012, 01:05 PM
    How many Keypads? they need to be enrolled, zones need to be programmed by zone type(Entry 1), Perimeter, Interior(motion) and so on.
    Location 804 is used for the wireless zones.
    Which wireless Keypad?
    You have a terminal for a zone input on the KP, Use the z and black on keypad.

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