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  • Jan 12, 2006, 05:06 PM
    Sound system (speakers)
    Hi all,
    I have two sound systems in the same room
    No1:- Receiver with 2 front 2 rear 1 centre 1 subwoofer speakers
    Hooked up to Receiver DVD, VCR and TV

    No2:- Receiver with centre speaker only (80w)
    Hooked up to Receiver, CD Player

    Question is:- Can I hook up cables from No2 receiver (front speaker jacks) to the front speakers on No1 system without causing damage to the speakers or No2 System. No1 Receiver is 120W and No2 Receiver is 50W

    The Front speakers on No2 system are 120w.

    I know I could have attached the CD to No1 System but didn't want to (if that is one suggestion)

    Is the 120w speakers on No1 system too powerful for the No2 system receiver at 50w to handle?

    Thanks for reading and answers if any.
  • Nov 27, 2008, 03:24 PM
    Keith, you seem to have waited a long time for an answer to your questions (I've only just joined this site).
    The short answer is NO, you should never connect the outputs of two amplifiers together. Doing so risks (depending on what protection, if any, is built into the amplifiers) 'blowing' the output stage of one or both.
    However, if both amps (receivers) have speaker switches (A/B or 1/2), you could achieve what you want by connecting your front speakers to both amps but ONLY selecting the speakers from one amp at a time. But I don't recommend this. Sooner or later someone will forget to switch the speaker switch on one amp before switching the speakers to the other, and you might blow an amp.
    As for the speaker ratings, they simply indicate what power the speakers can HANDLE, not how much they need or use. They'll use whatever you give them. So your 120W speakers are quite safe to use on a 50W amp (they would even deliver a respectable sound from a 1W amp!).

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