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  • Sep 10, 2013, 04:54 PM
    Cleaning bid

    I have to put in a bid to clean a facility once per week in queens, n.y.
    I will be cleaning 8 restrooms, with 4 urinals, 10 offices, 20 cubicle offices,
    Lunchroom, 1 conference room . Everything will detail cleaning. Carpets & hard floors, WHAT SHOULD I CHARGE?
  • Sep 11, 2013, 04:38 AM
    I suggest you decide on your hourly rate. You could either then agree with the company to be paid per the hour; so you earn a specific amount for each hour you work, such as $20 per hour, which I think is a reasonable rate for a cleaner, including your travel expenses.

    Otherwise you could assess how much time it will take you to complete this job and charge by the job, based on your hourly rate you have agreed for yourself. If you are going to be a cleaner you should decide on a benchmark hourly rate for your services.

    That job sounds like an all day job to me! Eight restrooms? With how many stalls, say you have five stalls in each, I would think that would take half an hour per room if they are already fairly clean; you just need to polish the bowels and mop the floors etc. if they are filthy then you would probably need an hour this time round and half an hour the next, work out how long you think each task should take, then you will know how many hours the job will take each time you do it. So for the day you might be charging 150 for that job.

    Also, for this job and when you take future jobs, you should assess the level of dirt already in existence at the facility; if it is really grimy then charge more as you will need to spend more time getting it up to standard, then if you clean it regularly after that, charge minus the time you would have spent scrubbing, and just charge for the time it would take to polish the place up.

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