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  • Jan 6, 2011, 08:36 PM
    is my son gifted? Please help
    Good day mam... my son just turned 3 last Dec 15, 2010.. I often wonder if he is a gifted child =) here are his traits

    - first time he said "Daddy" was when he was still a 6 month old baby just lying in his bed. After 3 days she shouted very clearly "daddy" again..
    - we are located in the Philippines and our language is tagalog but he often converse in English even with older people when he just turned 2 years old. One time when we are buying for fish food he saw a boy also a 2 year old looking at a snake with its mother, he stands beside the child and look at the snake.. the boy said to his mother "mama ahas (tagalog term for snake)" and my son touch the container of the snake and said "no ahas, snake! mommy snake" he knows a lot of animals in our language but often insist in saying it in english
    - he stop wearing diapers even when sleeping at night at age 2. he tells me "mommy wee wee" or "mommy poo poo" whenever he needs to take a leak or needs to use the toilet. I didn't potty train my child but he can go alone with his business, he just sits there in our adult potty and stands when he's done, tells "mommy finish poo poo" while he is just 2 1/2 years old.
    - last December before his birthday we were looking at the stars and I told him "look kyle big star" and he answered me "no mommy small star, big moon" I just smiled at what he said.
    - he already knows the alphabets and recites it whenever he wants when he was only 2 years and 8 months. Counts from 1-20 at same age. Can identify shapes and some colors and things from the book and even on the T.V.
    - after watching a movie he often tells me what happened and laughs every time he tells the funny part of the story or act scared when it becomes a little scary like when a monster appeared.
    - he often tells me what he wants to eat. Like for breakfast his favorite is a lightly boiled egg, he wakes me up and tells me "mommy hungry, i want egg, rice,ketchup" he does this almost every single day. He is more of a vegetable and fruit lover than a fried dishes eater. He eats almost all kinds of vegetables even green leafy vegetables and he loves beans.
    - he can recognize places and recites peoples name, even the houses of his playmates.
    - he can do simple task like washing his hand with soap and turning the faucet on and off (nobody even taught him to do that). Cleaning the house with me is like playing to him. He often opens and closes the door for his grandmothers.
    - he can operate a T.V, changing channel,volume, turning it on and off. He also knows how to operate the DVD, he turns the power on presses the eject button puts in his cd close it again and waits for it to play. If the movie stops playing he will eject the cd gets it close again then turn off the power.
    - he can also operate our personal computer from opening the avr, pressing the power at the cpu waits for the computer to load,after loading he will double click his game at the desktop and plays by himself. If I let him watch at YouTube he often chooses what he wants to watch then clicks on the movie selection on the right side.he also minimizes and maximizes the movies he is watching.
    - he always says good morning when he awakes. Goodbye when leaving. Thank you when you give him something. Sorry when he accidentally hurts you and he actually forces me to say sorry to him when I bump or hurt him accidentally. Goodnight before sleeping and I don't even have to tell him to say this things he just say it whenever the circumstance needs it.

    this are some of my 3 year old sons traits which makes me wonder if he is actually a gifted child please help me. If ever he is actually a gifted child what can I do to help him? Should I put a schedule for his study time, playtime etc? Professional help on our country is expensive so I hope you could help =) Hop to hear from you soon. More power!
  • Jan 6, 2011, 11:30 PM

    He sounds like an intelligent child, but I wouldn't term him gifted. He definitely is eager to learn though, and that should be encouraged.

    My daughter knew the alphabet, counted to 100, could write her own name and much more at the age of 1 1/2. She's not gifted, just eager to learn.

    It's not a good idea to put labels on a child. It's too easy to expect more from a child if they're labeled and it can cause problems down the road.

    Encourage him, make learning fun, but don't push, and don't put any pressure on him.

    He's still very young. If he is indeed gifted than that will likely come out when he's in school. You'll be better able to judge at that time. Right now he sounds like a normal 3 year old, not behind but not ahead either.

    Good luck and enjoy this age. It goes by so fast.

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