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  • Jan 11, 2009, 11:47 AM
    What’s wrong with my fish?
    I have two fish tanks and in one I have 3 gold fish and 1 sucker fish and in the other 2 gold fish as well. Well I moved the sucker fish in with the 2 gold fish and put 1 gold fish in the other tank. But after a couple of days I was starting to see these spots where there was no skin on the fish they looked like wounds. And a couple of days went by and when it was time to clean the tank where the sucker fish was with the 2 other gold fish are he would not move and usly he would go on the sides. So I took him out and put him in a small fish bowl and there he has been not moving but he is still alive and he will just float to the top belly up and he will try and get on the side of the boll and it looks like he is in an upside down V and he won’t get on the rocks at the bottom of the boll. I put a tablet in for him to eat gut he won’t. What does he have?? Can I treat it?? And whatever he has could all my fish get it senc he has been in both the tanks??
  • Jan 15, 2009, 01:39 AM
    What size are your aquariums?

    Sounds like you definitely have ill fish that need to be treated.

    If the sucker fish is still alive and in the bowl, place him back into the largest tank you have. He needs to be in an aquarium with a filter and air stone.

    Treat both tanks with medication even if all the fish show no signs of illness.

    Also have water tested.
    If you happen to know the water test results for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and Ph, I'll be able to give you more info on what's going on with the water conditions.
    Water conditions play a huge part with disease outbreaks in fish.

    Please update with current situation and I'll try to help the best I can.
    Hope I'm not too late to help.

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