Someone made a false report to CPS on me. I'm worried, as any normal person would be, but since the allegations are completely false, I'm not SO worried. I am willing to be cooperative, but want to protect myself as well, since I read about CPS online since this has happened and it has introduced me to issues I wasn't previously even aware of.

One issue is that, I read that social workers or other agents may try to talk to my child alone while at school, without asking my permission and without informing her that she does not have to speak to them without myself and/or a lawyer present.

My question is, how do I prevent this from happening? Can I write a letter to the school telling them not to let anyone, regardless of who they are or what they say, to talk to my child without me and a lawyer? Will the school honor that? Or do I need a lawyer to do this for me? Mind you, this is Saturday, and I don't have a lawyer 'on tap' so I need to figure out what to do by Monday morning before the school bus comes, and if I do need a lawyer, should I keep her out of school on Monday (or late to school) until I get a lawyer's official letter?

If I CAN do it myself, can someone help with the wording of the letter so that my child is 100% covered in case someone does try to speak with her alone? If I can do it myself, does it need to be notarized?

I already had a talk with her about 'just say no' to any 'talks' with anyone like this but she is 6 so I am not 100% confident that she will be able to, or be able to recognize what's happening or be able to deal with any coercion techniques these people may use.

Just want to be covered! Thanks for any tips.