Im 16 and live in Iowa. I have a part time job and have budgeted for every expense I will need to support myself, from the garbage bills to medical plan. I have found places that will rent to minors by just small rooms. My mom is emotionally and physically abusive. I have the ability to get letters and recommendations from counselors and Physiatrists saying that she is not emotionally stable and I should be removed from the home. My siblings have all left and haven't spoken to my mom in 9 years. My dad is 72 but in great health. But his beliefs are rash and almost out of touch with reality. And health issues could be a problem at anytime with him. With the way things are going I have no stable household and am just being shuffled around from mom to dad and am worried with the way things are going the stress will break me and ill give up with life and my education. Do I have enough reason for emancipation?