My mom has a 10.5 week old golden retriever from a reputable breeder. He is beautiful, proper weight, eats and drinks well and is basically house-trained already. Although, he does have poop accidents in his crate and occasionally next to the door due to the urgency with diarrhea. He has been to the vet twice and diagnosed with a high level of bacteria. The second time he said the diarrhea came back most likely due to over-excitement and overeating. He has diarrhea at least every 2-3 days for the past 2.5 weeks (when they got him). Last night it was liquid, all night long. My parents are older (70s) and they are up throughout the night, walking him, bathing him, washing out the crate over and over again. Honestly I'm worried about the pup and them. They are back at the vet again today. He has gone through two complete prescriptions for the bacteria and last night was their worst night yet. Any ideas?