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  • Nov 27, 2016, 11:16 AM
    Performance appraisal
    Hi I am trying to conduct a report on performance appraisal from different companies. Please share your thoughts on your own organisations performance appraisal which I can then compare against my own company to conduct my report.

    In my company our appraisals are pretty fair, staff are rated against criteria rather than their own behaviour which means management can't rate them purely on any personal issues. However there is a lack of support from management, e.g. when issues are raised in appraisals from staff, there is no support after that to overcome the issue. Many staff have told me this is the reason why they feel there is no point addressing their situations in the meeting if there is no support.

    I would like to hear other people's views on their own organisation performance appraisals. Please share in order to help me complete my report.

  • Nov 27, 2016, 11:25 AM
    You put this under Education -> Distance Learning. Is this situation a real one or a homework assignment? (P.S. You don't "conduct" a report; you write it.)
  • Nov 27, 2016, 11:39 AM
    I am doing a distance learning business course and this was a question which I have to answer by comparing my own organisation of others real life situations. The bit I wrote about my own company is real situation but now need to compare it with other real life situations
  • Nov 27, 2016, 01:08 PM
    For the first part of the performance evaluation, my boss (public library director) used a Likert scale from 1 to 5 and rated various criteria pertinent to each job title, thus critiquing the employee's work and attitude during the past year. Circulation staff had responsibilities different from those of reference staff and cataloging staff. The second part of the performance evaluation contained open-ended statements that were completed by the employee as personal and work and department goals for the coming year.

    If there were complaints about an employee or about his work, those were handled separately from the performance evaluation.
  • Nov 27, 2016, 03:36 PM
    Prepare a list of companies similar to your company. Contact the HR departments of those companies and explain what your assignment is. Prepare a list of questions that you would like answered. Be specific and give then yes/no or multiple choice questions to answer. Send the list of questions to the HR depts. Then hope you get enough responses.

    THAT is how you do a research project like this. Not by posting on a message board like this.

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