Hey all. First off I would like to say I'm pretty new to this kind of thing so sorry in advance if it's not too good.

Well last year I met a girl online and we started to get really close. We talked like crazy for a few months then all of a sudden she was just gone one day. I thought nothing of it but always had little nags like maybe she will just appear one day. Well skip ahead to today, she came back a few months ago and we started where we left off. I did the stupid thing of telling her how I feel way to early and it's been really awkward ever since. Me and her BF work on the same nights and through the week they're always together. We get like 14 hours to ourselves every weekend (talking online mostly) and we get really close until I have to leave for work (I work nightshift). Our feelings for each other have been getting stronger and stronger every week but we both feel the same way. We would love for something to happen but she doesn't feel independent enough to not leave her BF and also worries she will be left with nothing if it didn't work out with me also. I'm not the sharpest tool in the box and am still getting the hang of this kind of thing even though I'm 21, I'm not some creepy weirdo, I just consider myself a kind, loving but extremely shy guy.

I know I shouldn't keep doing this as it's not fair on her or her BF the most but we try to stop talking and we end up right back where we left off, thinking "what if". I just need an outside opinion. She says she loves me and can't stop thinking about me and I'm just getting torn to pieces not being with her.
I hinted to her should we just stop all this and let each other go on but I'm too much of a sucker to say no. She said it's too soon for anything serious to happen but if we waited a bit then there could be something. I don't want her out of my life but I can't keep doing this to her or her BF. What the hell do I do? Wait around and see what happens or just cut all ties and get on with my life?

Sorry for such a long message, I'm not the best at getting to the point but I hope someone, somewhere out there can help :)