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  • Jun 22, 2004, 01:50 PM
    I have trend Pcillin virus scanner which finds the follwing viruses :
    These are shown as deleted but when I scan again they are still there
    When I do AVG virus scan - these do not show
    Helppppp please - are they there or not

  • Jun 22, 2004, 07:49 PM
    Re: VIRUS

    If you have the latest Trend Pattern, and patch you'll beable to isolate the virus and remove it.

    You can also go through your System files in the windows\system, directory and manually delete it.

    This virus is activated when a user opens an attachment from the decoy\dummie email address.
    If you receive a email from an unknown address delete it! Ie( jane RE:hey!) crap like that < just delete them.

    Once active, them worm strips the users known addresses and address lists resends it self again making the chain continue.

    Aliases: W32/[email protected], Win32.Sober.G, W32/Sober-G, Sober.G, I-Worm.Sober.G.

    Pattern file needed: 890 (1.890.31). Scan engine needed: 6.500

    Hope this helps! And remember to delete any suss emails.
  • Jun 23, 2004, 01:28 AM
    Re: VIRUS
    Thanks... I have got all the stuff I need from trend I even asked them and got info which unfortunately, being thick at pcs haha, I don't understand. I did go into the system files (after writing down from the scan exactly where they were) and then I can't delete those files. Some are there and others I can't find.
    The emails you mention, they are going to my outlook express which open when I click on them, but my virus scan is running so howcome I still get infected -------oooo I'm losing my mind here!!
    ANother thing please, I had to download a thing from trend Tsc - which apparently should have sorted this virus out but it does not - I think I am doing something wrong here... HEEELLLPPPP ::)
  • Jun 23, 2004, 07:15 PM
    Re: VIRUS
    Hey, chill!

    All right I want you to get the program Stinger, it's a standalone virus scanner by 'Network Associates Inc.'
    It will pick up almost every known threat, as does trend. But I've found it removes some virus's that I had probs with such as sasser. <big Pain>

    Also remember that the virus's could be running in the back ground, you need to quarintine the virus, which will stop the process runnning then remove the dead files.

    I haven't got much time to go into where the exact files are and what there names are as they change.

    If you've got PCCillin, (trend) there's quarintine folders, called ' virus', 'suspect' and or just 'temp'. This is where you find the dead files to remove. Mave sure you have the latest virus patchs and patterns. & windows updates.

  • Oct 15, 2004, 06:58 PM
    Run the free online anti-virus scanner at and that should take care of your issue. I have found that trend micro and AVG, although they are free, work better than the paid versions of Norton and waaaaaay better than Mcaffee.

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