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  • Oct 24, 2008, 08:08 AM
    Video playback skips like crazy!
    I recently recovered my computer from some issues that seemed to be related to missing or defective display drivers. Well, for the most part my computer seems to be working well now. There's just one thing, and I'm at a total loss as to what's causing it or how to fix it.

    The video playback skips like crazy! :P Here's what happens: I'll try to play a movie, and while the image is perfectly clear, it will skip and jolt and get stuck on single frames the whole way through. However, the audio is still totally normal.

    My operating system is Windows XP on a Toshiba Satellite laptop. The video player I use 99% of the time is Media Player Classic. I have also tried playing the videos on Windows Media Player, but the same thing happens. I also have QuickTime and Winamp (but I have never understood what the benefits to using those would be). Everything was working normally before the driver issues last week. I don't know if it would help any, but you can find more details regarding the previous and maybe related issues I just recovered from by looking at the questions I posted last week in the threads. Please help! :P
  • Oct 24, 2008, 04:30 PM

    What you might need to look at is how full your disk is getting and also how much " buffer " memory is dedicated for video playback.
    Something else you might want to try. Its free as a plugin is Divx.
    DivX Video Player - DivX Video Codec - DivX Converter

    I prefer it and it works great.
  • Oct 24, 2008, 07:08 PM

    I think there's definitely something going on with the cpu. MPC wsa going on 25 to 30 cpu, but then it was riding even higher at about 50 cpu. I have no idea how to change that, so I would really appreciate advice on what to do to ameliorate that.

    I wanted to add a couple of other notes. After I posted, I uninstalled my older version of k-lite and put in the mega k-lite version with codecs instead. This helped the situation a little bit, but the video is still off what it should be during play. Should I still be installing the divX thing that was recommended?

    The other notes are these (I don't know if they're connected somehow): 1) the playback has something like a non-smooth roll over of the frames in a vertical direction. 2) I have noticed that, since my old problems were resolved last week, this jumpy scrolling also happens whenever I am scrolling down pages on the internet or in Microsoft word... basically whenever I have to scroll. And 3) I have a 17'' laptop, so my screen is wider than most, but it seems like the images aren't being adjusted properly for my screen (even in web pages or browsing my own photos through my folders). They seem to be stretched just slightly wider than they should be. It's odd. :(
  • Oct 25, 2008, 03:30 PM

    Please, please help! :(
  • Oct 26, 2008, 08:08 AM

    Check your video drivers and make sure they are updated. It sounds like your using software acceleration and it should be set to hardware. Also check your buffer size
  • Oct 26, 2008, 08:29 AM

    Thank you very much to getting back to me!

    How would I go about doing those things?

    I think the software/hardware acceleration thing sounds like it could help a lot. How do I adjust it? And how would I check my buffer size? (my guess is it's too big.)

    I went to windows update directly, but after downloading all of the express and custom stuff, there's nothing else left. I'm guessing that my drivers are okay then? I'm really shooting in the dark here. Do all of the drivers come from windows update? If not, where should I be going for them?

    I know that there are programs available on the internet (for a fee) that check your computers drivers and then direct you straight to where to download replacements from. Do I need to buy this, and if so, which is the best one?
  • Oct 26, 2008, 04:18 PM

    Usually if you just right click on your screen you should see an area for adjusting screen size etc. there is an advanced section in there. It should show your current video driver. You can then go to your manf website and get a newer driver if its available. Also in control panel / system.. there should be a tab to check your virtual memory. If your running low on disk space then there might be a conflict there. You also under the device tab should see your video driver there too. Providing your using windows.

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