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  • Aug 13, 2009, 02:59 PM
    ** README before posting in the computer forums. **
    Have you read your product's manual or visited the product manufacturer's website?

    Manufacturer and vendor websites include a wealth of product information as well as knowledgebase articles for common configuration scenarios and resolutions for known issues with particular software or driver versions.

    Include the device's brand, model, and revision number when posting.

    This information is usually on a sticker on the bottom or rear of the product. Posts lacking this information tend to be ignored because no one is inclined to expend the effort to first extract meaningful information from the poster in order to provide a proper response. This information is particularly important in the hardware forums where revision numbers can mean the difference between a successful firmware update or creation of an expensive paperweight.

    Final Point.

    The more information you give the better we can assist with your issue.

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