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  • Jan 25, 2008, 07:45 PM
    Modification of child support
    I was divorced 1994 receiving child support of $75/wk for my son (now 17). Right now after 13 years I am receiving only $85/wk(to be increased to $90 next month. The father I'm sure is making more over the years. Can I apply for modification? Also, he is going to college in Sept. What are the provisions for college students? Divorced and Child support ruled in NJ. Father still is in NJ and we are now in Philly. Father is also paying $50/wk for back support but he thinks that this is included as a total to the weekly amount. I am also paying for medical as as well as catholic school education from kindergarten to present (senior in HS). What should his contribution be for college? Any response is welcomed.
  • Jan 28, 2008, 03:40 PM
    Your divorce decree and/or separation agreement should specify how long your son will be receiving child support. In some states, it ends at age eighteen unless the age limit is extended by agreement. You can request a modification of child support when there has been a change of circumstances.
  • Jan 30, 2008, 10:59 AM
    Talk to your lawyer to be sure, but my understanding is that in most states you can request a review of child support arrangements from your county on a set schedule such as every three years, and they can order a cost of living adjustment. If you cannot afford a lawyer contact the county where the divorce decree was filed and see what resources they have.

    I don't know whether a non-custodial parent (or any parent for that matter) has any obligation to pay for college unless it's an agreed aspect of the divorce and custody decree. Sometimes having no money fro college is a good thing though - student loans are a good financial deal, and a lot of families send their kids to school without having any means to do so ---they just get financial aid, an on-campus job, loans and whatever else.

    I was the third kid in my family to depart for private University within three years... it was all paid with loans and my part-time jobs and worked out fine for me and my parents. They paid the loans after I graduated until I had a job, and then I took them over and lived with them until they were paid off. Not a bad arrangement for any of us, really.

    Also, if your ex is paying your child support directly, arrange to have it automatically deducted from his pay by the county and then paid to you. This is a pretty standard arrangement and ensures that he is not going to be able to cheat you.

    I made this change myself because my child support is based on a percent of income and I knew my ex was not being honest about his income. Miraculously, the support incresed quite a bit when the county got involved and it also has eliminated his sneering glare when he used to hand me the check, which he tried to do in such a way as to imply I was like a cheap hooker or something. Jerk!!

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