I am married with three small children. I am a painter for a construction company and started this job back in March of 08. Before that though I was out of work for over a year. We got for behind on our bills and came very close to losing our house. The mortgage company has allowed us to open a forbearance plan for a year until we catch up. This has allowed us to keep our house but, the mortgage payments have more then doubled leaving very little money for anything else. Our credit has been ruined due to the lack of work. We have a 1992 Honda accord that has broke down for the last time. With no transportation to job sights I am sure to lose my job. Strapped for cash, I am stressing badly at the thought of losing everything because of a car. I know there are organizations that you can donate a car to but, is there any help in getting a car donated to ones self. I hope that there is someone who can help out my family or at least steer us in the right direction. I appreciate your help. Thanks.

Sam Rua