1994 Acura Integra won't start. Plenty of gas, CEL goes out after 2 seconds in ON position. The fuel pump does not sound like it's working during this time either, although it rarely did when running "normally". When key is turned to start, car sounds exactly as it should but no ignition occurs, the engine vibrates as if the cylinders are moving also. On some attempts to start there was a brief wiff of gas after trying to start the car (engine flooded?).

Between the last time it ran and the first attempt to start the car, it rained very heavily, but nothing under the hood appears wet. Battery charge was slightly low, jumping did not help start the car. Because it is a manual trans. I considered popping it, but decided against it.

I'm thinking maybe it's the fuel pump (doesn't seem very likely because of gas odor), but probably the distributor or spark plug wires.

Please advise. I'm very new to car repair but I tried hard to follow the advice I've found on the board so far.