I'm guessing(hoping) that TX GreaseMonkey will chime in here cause my issue seems similar to many others on here, but I wanted to add a couple of details.

2001 CR-V with 130K miles was intermittently slow to start for a couple of months. Sometimes it'd fire right up, sometimes I thought it never would but it always caught - until one day a couple weeks ago it just wouldn't fire. When the key was turned it was turning over but it just never fired up. After letting it sit overnight I tried again and the same result - no firing. Then I pumped the gas pedal and tried cranking at the same time and it almost fired. So I tried again and just kept pumping the gas and finally it fired up and I drove it to my mechanic.

Of course, when they went to start it the next day it worked fine and gave them no issues. They checked fuel pressure which was fine and I ended up getting them to replace plugs, wires, dist. cap, rotor, & fuel filter cause it was due. Ran fine for a week, though once or twice it seemed to take a little longer to fire up when cranking. Then yesterday my wife left for work only to get a quarter mile from the house and have it die at a stop sign. This time it won't fire up at all. No codes thrown, CEL goes off after 2 sec. in ON position. The battery light is the only one that stays on when trying to start it - does that indicate something?

Does this sound like ICM or coil failure to you? I've read through your suggestions for testing and it seems like I can do those before paying for a tow and a shop's diagnostics, but I'm not much of a mechanic. So I want to make sure I get the sparkplug testing right - when I pull it and connect it to the wire, do I touch the threads or the actual gapped end to the grounded surface? Thanks in advance!