Okay, about two weeks ago the car started sputtering while driving down the road. I got it back home and the next day it wouldn't start at all, but fires great. I replaced the main relay last year and still had the old one so I switched them out and the symptoms remain. I have been listening to the tank and can barely hear the fuel pump running so I popped the trunk and unhooked the fuel line that feeds the motor and had someone try to start it and sure enough, gas shot out. I could place my finger over the line though and stop the fuel from coming out (seems like low pressure)

So, my wife has almost the same car 2000 Accord so I listened to her fuel pump and can hear it much louder. I also unhooked her gas line and placed my finger over the line and I could not stop the fuel from coming out. (high pressure)

So, with all of that said, does the fuel pump seem bad on my car. Does low pressure mean that the pump is bad, or would there be no pressure at all?

Thanks for any advice on this... I'm about to buy a pump (Ebay 50) just to see, but I think that I'm on the right track...