I have a 1996 Honda Civic LX standard 1.6L 4cyl 5 speed 108K. It was starting fine, I then took it to the car wash to degrease the engine compartment. After spraying it down the car started and ran for about 20 seconds as I was driving away it shut off. I had to get it towed home. So I went to the parts store and bought new plugs, wires, and cap. Still just turns and turns will not fire up. Any sugestions? Rotor? Coil? Distributor? Timing belt? I walked to the gas station and added a gallon of gas to the tank, that was the first thing I tried. I went to the local parts store and rented a OBD II scanner. It came back with NO error codes. The rotor does turn when cranking. I am going to spray some starting fluid into the throttle body to see if it starts, that will take care of the fuel issue.