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  • Jul 15, 2012, 08:27 PM
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    identifying artist signatures
    I have 2x oil paintings I purchased (via an estate sale) and I'm interested to see if anyone can Identify the signatures, (sorry I can only supply one link to each signature as the 2x uploaded is too big for 1x question so will ask same question with the other signature also) , I know the paintings are worth what I paid ( 100 New Zealand Dollars) and I'm not looking for hidden masterpieces, just an interest in the history of the painter, are they local to Australasia or Europe etc, if someone recognises the signatures and can confirm the names of him/her you will have made a confused/frustrated man very happy... I realise also that I may already have tried to Google correct name and it just means the artist is an unknown and the investigation stops here, I thank you all in advance.

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